NNPC Correspondents: a new P&I Correspondent in the Netherlands

The Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club (NNPC) is launching NNPC Correspondents BV on 20 February 2021 as a subsidiary of the NNPC based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to provide services in the Netherlands and throughout European waterways as P&I Correspondent.

The NNPC was established in 1937 and has in recent years expanded to become a market leader in P&I insurance and claims handling in the short-sea, inland and bulk sectors in particular for the Dutch market. The NNPC has a proven track record of claims handling, process efficiency and quality, and is drawing on this heritage in establishing NNPC Correspondents BV to offer its unique brand to the international P&I market and shipping community. NNPC Correspondents will provide claims handling and legal services based on quality, transparency, cost efficiency and  a modern approach  to reporting and communication methods.

I am happy to announce that I have been appointed as manager of the Rotterdam office of NNPC Correspondents.

NNPC Correspondents aims to provide a cost effective service without compromising on quality.

In order to achieve this we:

  • Ensure efficient claims handling and quick handling times by avoiding unnecessary delays.
  • Tailor make our services to meet clients’ requirements and needs.
  • Continuously provide and monitor budgets and cost estimates and notify clients of any changes or risks.
  • Provide fixed pricing based for fixed work (such as preloading and draft surveys).
  • Ensure continuous communications with our principals and ensure expectations are managed and deadlines are met.


Office and contact details:

NNPC Correspondents B.V.

Blaak House

Office 1.01

Blaak 34

3011 TA Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Tel:      +31.(0)85 4833121

E-mail: correspondents@nnpc-correspondents.nl